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Memento Mori Mixed Media Workshop

Jan Melville’s Studio

COST: $90



Prints, mixed media, collage workshop. In this one-day workshop participants will do simple line etching and a Memento Mori painting in mixed media on a round canvas board. For those who would like to bring some personal mementos they can place these along with collage within a box of their choice either an old recycled box or cardboard. Black would be good. Cardboard boxes can be found at $2 shops. Please bring the box of your choice with you.

 The line etching will be on plastic plate, so an image can be placed under this to do the line work. Once this is inked up it is then pulled through the press. The mixed media work will be in acrylic paints, watercolour for small details, and pencil line work.

Please bring with you: lots of cut outs and photocopies of birds, skulls, butterflies, flowers, wings, and any old photos which have been photocopied. These are both for reference to draw from and also to cut up if required for your box collage. Plastic plate for etching ink and paper and one round canvas board are supplied. There are some paints in studio but you are asked to bring paints brushes and pencils or other mediums that you would like to work in with you on the day. If you would like to do more than one round canvas there will be an extra one for collage as well.

Wear an old shirt or apron and bring a sandwich/fruit for lunch we are not near the local shops. Jan will provide morning tea.

Cost per person $90 the work shop hours are 10-3 in my studio in Katoomba. You need to book and pay Jan by direct bank deposit before the workshop, which will only go ahead there’s enough numbers. The class maximum is five. Jane’s contact email is Once you have made a booking, Jan will contact you with her bank details and studio address in Katoomba.

Earlier Event: October 13
Later Event: October 13
Community Coffin Club: 10:45am session