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Workshop: Building Compassionate Neighbours Models: Our journey to upscale so far (Macquarie Room)

Dr Heather Richardson

Background and Aims

In 2014 St Joseph’s Hospice set up Compassionate Neighbours (CN), to create meaningful connections at the end of life for all. Built on foundations of community development principles with a public health approach, we worked deeply with the community, to create an approach where CNs build true friendships with community members, but also going on a transformative personal journey of change in their own perceptions of death, dying and loss, and challenging and reshaping the practices of professionals.

In 2016, STJH, in partnership with St Christopher’s Hospice, embarked on a journey to replicate and scale up the approach. A national innovation foundation, Nesta, provided funding and support to replicate CN hosted by 7 hospices in London. Together, we established a scaling strategy, theory of change, a collaborative approach to support project leads in adopter hospices, and learned through reflection and formal evaluation.


Participants will have an opportunity to understand how the scaling approach was designed and delivered, the challenges and opportunities experienced and key learning on the part of the many different stakeholders, including hospice, communities and neighbours.

Learning Outcomes

• Greater understanding of CN, and lessons from scaling a community based approach.
• Details of what has been achieved in journey towards scaling a community rooted, institutionally hosted enactment of compassionate cities.
• New understanding regarding the practical challenges associated with scaling innovation.
• Ideas about how to scale other projects based on this learning and approach.

Results, conclusions, and applications to PHPC

There is real interest to replicate programmes such as CN but scaling requires strong conceptual understanding of how the programme works, clarity about what must be retained as core, and where local flexibility and tailoring is appropriate. Flexible and reflective leadership, along with strong partnerships are key to success. Upfront investment and sustained involvement of key players is essential.

Earlier Event: October 14
Concurrent sessions (Auditorium)
Later Event: October 14
Concurrent Session (Oxley Room)