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Workshop: Knowledge exchange, sustainability and innovation: Examples from DoBra research program

Prof. Carol Tishelman

In the Swedish transdisciplinary DöBra Research Program, we strive to catalyze change processes, rather than control them. This poses challenges in comparison to many research paradigms, where control is often a central feature, and findings often disseminated primarily through scientific publication. Using action research in various ways, in partnership with a diverse range of collaborators and stakeholders we work instead with knowledge exchange rather than unidirectional dissemination, and seek innovative means of working toward sustainable and constructive change.

Aims and Interactivity
This workshop draws on findings from four different projects in the DöBra Research Program combined with interactive experiences, to consider ways in which research might catalyze sustainable change processes. Focusing on the innovative approaches we have used for knowledge exchange we will integrate participatory activities with short research-based presentations. Participants will be invited to engage with tools and methods we have developed and used, e.g. toolkits, DöBra cards, and films to stimulate reflection and discussion. We will also simulate an interactive event for knowledge exchange with participants, e.g. a ‘hand festival’. These joint interactive experiences aim to create an environment for experiential learning and discussion throughout the workshop.

Learning Outcomes
Joint learning will include:
• Exchange of ideas/experiences about how to work to achieve sustainable change in innovative manners
• Consideration of benefits and challenges in developing research-based social innovations which can be scaled up for
broader use
• Experiencing use of different media for knowledge exchange and critically discussing their application

Conclusions and Applications to PHPC
In line with PHPC goals, this workshop aims to stimulate discussion and further develop knowledge around the potential role of research in catalyzing sustainable change processes in society. By sharing and generating critical conversations about our work, we hope to contribute to this.

Earlier Event: October 14
Concurrent Session (Evans Room)
Later Event: October 14
Concurrent Session (Ballroom)