Poster Program

A/Prof Ajesh George with co-authors Ariana Villarosa, Amy Villarosa, A/Prof Ravi Srinivas-Director, Prof Debra Parker, Janeane Harlum, Dr Jennifer Wiltshire, Prof Meera Agar

Integrating oral health into palliative care: Perceptions of nursing, medical and dental care providers

Bianca Neumann-May

The Bereavement café movement: helping people realise the power is within them

Deidre Stokes

Compassionate communities in action: Reclaiming ageing, dying and grieving

Marieke Torensma with co-authors Katja N. Lanting, Sara Tončinić, Gudule Boland, A/Prof Jeanine L. Suurmond

Care providers’ and medical and nursing students’ cultural competence following an educational intervention on culturally sensitive palliative care

Ms Holly E Evans with co-authors Dr Ursula M Sansom-Daly, Prof Richard Bryant

Tackling taboos with young people: The role of attachment in end of life conversations with adolescents and young adults

Prof Jay Shen with co-authors A/Prof Catherine Dingley, Ji Yoo, Kalyn Frost, Duy Nguyen, Octavio Posada

Living in America: What is palliative care and do I need it: Preliminary findings from a survey in Asian communities

Dr. Kathy Kortes-Miller with co-author Keri-Lyn Durant, PhD (cand)

Behind the Eight Ball: Physician Experience with MAiD in Northwestern Ontario

Kate Spurway

Diversity and inclusive palliative care practice within the home care environment

Glenn Hubbard with co-author Mrs. Bernie Ryan-Self

Hospice neighbours and beyond
Dying within community

Dr. Lin-Chung Woung

The role of a hospital in the promotion of compassionate community

Dr. Chih-Kuang Liu

Promoting the elders’ death literacy with the Life Issue Café in the community

Ms. Ming-Hsuan Hsieh

Traditional temple centered international compassionate community in Old Street, Shilin, Taipei

Dr. Ming-Chen Chen

A holistic model of palliative care in a compassionate community in Taiwan

Mr. Min-Chang Lee

Death literacy for the elders in the compassionate community

Ms. Tsai-Ping Fu

Promoting death literacy with The Festival of Life, Death and Dying

Dr. Mei-Hsing Chuang

A new role as a Community Manager in the promotion of compassionate community

Dr. Ming-Chung Ko

The operation of compassionate community in Shilin Old Street

Dr. Pei-Wen Wu

Preventive drug use at the end of life in nursing home in Taiwan

Ms. Li-Lan Kuo

The promotion of health literacy: When the Chinese medicine doctor meets Shennong

Ms. Tzu-Hui Chen

Shorten the distance among people: Long spoons make heaven on Earth

Ms. Hsin-Yi Lien

Discussion on the compassionate community by news report

Ms. Ching-lin Chen

The reciprocity of student participation in compassionate community: An example of university social responsibility

Ms. Hsin-Yi Lin

Building individual care model for marginalized people: Taking compassionate care community of Taipei Tianhou Temple in Taiwan as an example

Ms. Yi-Chin Lin

Wearable ECG recorder helps improve community health and welfare

Ms. Shu-Wen Wu

The breakthrough on introducing the daycare institution disabled residents to the community

Ms. Ching-Yi Wu

International Compassionate Community Day of Taipei City

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