Skie Denham is the managing director of Lifetime Funerals, a unique and tailored funeral service, supporting families from Wollongong to the Blue Mountains.

Skie is a proud Wirajuri and Jaru descendant, her funeral company specialises in aboriginal funerals, "Sorry Business".

She has a vast background and experience in the community service sector, running and managing local not for profit community centres across Melbourne, Darwin, and Sydney.

Skie entered the Funeral Industry in 2014 with an open mind and compassion, she soon realised that the industry was a money-making enterprise, often taking advantage of the vulnerable and grieving. She developed a business model which was founded on family-focused care and became the managing director of Lifetime Funerals 2018. The concept behind Lifetime Funerals is " Honouring The Memory", matching each farewell with the same unique qualities that the person had whilst they where alive.

Skie is also an End-Of-Life-Doula, which is essentially an advocate for a palliative care patient, allowing a person to pass in their own way, on their own terms. She successfully combines the two skills sets to provide transparency and compassion around all things death and dying related.