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10 years of Public Health Palliative Care: critical reflections and questions as we move into the next decade (BALLROOM)

Chair: Prof. Samar Aoun

Dr Kerrie Noonan, Dr Libby Sallnow, Prof. Allan Kellehear and Dr Suresh Kumar

In the natural life cycle of an idea, theories are born, and practice is tested and retested. Some ideas take off and others lose energy or fail to create change or the uptake needed make a real impact. Many of us know how tough it can be to embed public health ideas within end of life care, to rally support from our managers, colleagues and funders and to understand the impact of these ideas in practice. Nevertheless, after a decade of conferences, the public health palliative care movement continues to build momentum and grow.

This plenary session led by Kerrie Noonan, Libby Sallnow and Heather Richardson will critically reflect on developments since the 1st international conference bought together visionaries, aspirant practitioners and other curious folk to the Institute of Palliative Medicine in Kerala. We will examine learning across the five international conferences to contextualise developments, directions and tensions in the movement.  We will be joined by Allan Kellehear and Suresh Kumar to reflect on the emergence of the movement, their early ambitions and aspirations and what direction it may take over the coming decade.

How is success measured and how successful has this movement been? How many people have adopted these ideas, how ‘scalable’ are our innovations, how much funding has it attracted, what change has is led to and what evidence have we produced? Is PHPC creating the change we expected? Have we just begun? And how do we “push on” even if the work is hard, takes a long time or is seemingly not “sexy” enough for funders? We will invite delegates to reflect upon their role in the future of PHPC over the next decade and beyond.