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Terry Ayling is Facilitator of Compassionate Gold Coast and a Member of the Australian Compassion Council of the Global Charter for Compassion, with lead responsibility for the Compassionate Cities Initiative within the ACC Vision of ‘Australia – A Continent for Compassion’. For the last five (5) years Terry has served as the (Volunteer) Spiritual Care Coordinator of both Gold Coast Health Spiritual Care Service and of Hopewell Hospice Services. He is a champion for ‘Compassion in Healthcare’ with a specific interest in ‘Compassion at-the-end of-life’. He is a credentialed Inter-professional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum (ISPEC) Trainer and Compassion Integrity Training Facilitator. After 25 years as a Uniting Church minister and chaplain in community, school, tourism, residential aged care, and hospital-hospice settings, Terry resigned so that he could work in the growing secular, multi-sectorial, 'spiritual not religious' context, now referring to himself as inter-spiritual. He has been an active participant and proponent in the interfaith and progressive Christian movement, including facilitation of GCH Interfaith Council and within the Multifaith Advisory & Action Group on the Gold Coast. Terry serves on Gold Coast Health End of Life Committee and Queensland Health Care at the End of Life State Project Group and on Palliative Care Queensland Compassionate Communities Advisory Group. A spiritual-entrepreneur, Terry is also Founder and Creative Director of Spirited Communities p/l, a consultancy firm, working in the area of social enterprise and community creation and animation since 2002.