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FILM: The 4 ingredients needed for a health death (Auditorium

Dr Merran Cooper . CEO Touchstone Life Care Pty Ltd.
Alicia Watt. Filmmaker AliJam Productions Pty Ltd

Presenting Author: Merryn Cooper

FILM . 26 minutes.
Two segments of a 4 part series, edited together to show death as a natural part of life- to be celebrated and shared by all.

We interview Barry with pancreatic cancer who elected not to have the Whipples procedure, to die at home, with his carer, community, family and doula. We use artistry such as close ups , to compare a doula’s hands with the gloved hands in an ICU unit.

In India we immerse with a community based palliative team caring for the very poor. What they offer and what the families and communities do for each other.

We use a structural narrative of “The 4 ingredients needed for a healthy death
1. Relief from pain. Concepts of equity ,cost and availability, community as pain relief, different types of pain (existential)

2. Healing environment. We show differing places of dying eg home, hospital, on dirt village floors and in shiny ICUS And learn from all the experiences .

3. Healing presence. We explore roles of support (good and not so good)– in the west and in India

4. Personal beliefs and religions . How do these influence who, with whom and where someone chooses to die or be cared for? We show Christians caring for a Muslims in a Hindu country.

Artistic Value
The art makes our audience feel , learn and do something. That might be public and community care, or taking better care of themselves and their family. Emotion is invoked by silence, music, cinematography, and appeals to the senses (which is essential for transformative learning)

This piece of art is created by community - its featured people, its film crew and its audiences. It generates discussion and as a crowdfunded activity the audience is more invested in its message.