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The Dawn Chorus: Sing in your day in harmony with delegates (Misty's Room)

We invite you to be part of The Dawn Chorus with song maker Rachel Hore. Immerse yourself in beautiful 3-part harmony that lifts your heart and connects our community in song.

A note from Rachel Hore.

I have been a choir leader in the Blue Mountains community for many years. Our choir brings people together from very different ages and stages in life - from parents with babies to people with terminal illnesses.

Many times over, I am moved by the way a simple song soothes and brings comfort, or can enliven us with energy, courage and joy.

Singing seems to get to the heart of things, connecting us without the need for many words


We will be learning 3 specially selected songs together during the conference, to which we’ll then add some simple harmonies. Whether you are a shower singer, a beginner, or have singing experience ALL ARE WELCOME!

You can listen to the sound files of the 3 songs in advance here:

You will also find a song sheet and further information below. Or just turn up and learn as we go.

To register your interest or for further information email rachel@rachelhore.comwith Dawn Chorus in the subject line.