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Plenary 6

Chair: Dr John Rosenberg

Exploring the importance of self-belief, resilience and community in the face of sudden loss. A cultural lens

Tyla Harrison-Hunt

6 years ago, I was introduced to Islam by one of my best friends at school. Since the age of 22, I have made the Al-Noor mosque my other home. I was adopted into a new brotherhood of compassion, Aroha and Manaaki. The attack on March 15th brought an immense amount of loss, sadness, disappointment and tremendous grief. We lost two people close to our hearts in our whānau too. Uncle Naeem Rashid and his son Talha Naeem. Both of whom our family are immensely proud of. This presentation will share insights into the process up to and after the attack, how we beat racism, hatred and Islamophobia and how my people- Ngāi Tahu were important in bringing New Zealand and the Islamic community together.

Compassion in Action: More than sympathy, wiser than empathy

Terry Ayling, Dr Jenny Jones, Dr Jason Mills, Skie Denham