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Workshop: Are you partnership ready? (Club Room)

Wendy Gain, Independent Consultant (Partnership Broker, Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator), Brisbane
John Rosenberg, University of Sunshine Coast/Western Sydney University
Background and Aims: Compassionate Communities rely upon collaboration between communities, palliative care services, health care services, and civic bodies such as local governments. This collaboration is usually well-intentioned but poorly conceived and understood. A clearly articulated understanding of ‘partnership’ is a powerful step in transforming the development, implementation and outcomes of joint efforts to create and sustain Compassionate Communities.
The aim of this workshop is to engage participants in the key concepts and concrete application of partnership development methods.
Interactivity: This is a fully interactive experience. Participants will work with the facilitators and each other in meeting the aims of the workshop. Activities include an Appreciative Inquiry process to use a strengths-based approach to partnership development.
Learning Outcomes: Participants will 1) gain a clear understanding of what is – and is not – a partnership; 2) understand the evidence-based, recognised principles of establishing and maintaining partnerships; and, 3) identify practical approaches to partnering to take back to their role in Compassionate Communities.
Conclusions and application to PHPC: Successful partnerships don’t happen by accident. Applying sound and practical guidance for participants to establish and maintain partnerships within and between groups will facilitate the establishment of sustainable Compassionate Communities. The knowledge and skills gained in this workshop also apply to partnerships between palliative care services, health care service and civic bodies.